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Special Needs

Very effective, visual and fun! Excellent for all, but especially for those who have special educational needs. Maria Landy – Independent Adviser, Inspector and Trainer – Specialist in Special Educational Needs

The Shakespeare Comic Book Series is an absolute godsend! Linda Arthan, Special Needs Teacher, Shropshire.

From the outset, SEN teachers have been enthusiastic about Shakespeare Comic Books.

They are of particular value to dyslexic students who are able to support their reading of the text by reference to the visual content.

The books have also been used by teachers working with students who have autism, hearing impairment and those for whom English is not a first language.

The simplified modern English translation is vital for students who may otherwise struggle with unfamiliar vocabulary or obscure cultural references, while the illustrations provide a graphic way into the drama.

The comic style presentation makes the plays less intimidating than they might appear if presented simply as words on the page and the pictures also give visual clues to character and historical context.

SEN experts and students were consulted when the books were first converted to full colour and choice of cream background for text panels was made on advice that words were easier to read against a soft background than on white. Use of magenta as the colour for the modern English version in Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet was made on a similar basis.

All of the Shakespeare Comic Books are accompanied by a Teacher’s Resource Book that covers all aspects of Shakespeare study through a series of photocopiable worksheets. 

Significant school discounts are available, with thirty days’ credit.

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